Week 1

August 13 – August 19

Three days after deciding it was time to make a change to a healthy lifestyle, I sat down to make a plan.  I know me.  If I dive into the deep end making all kinds of changes, I’m not going to stay with it a week!  So I only made 3 changes… 10,000 steps/day, replace my biggest vice, Coca-Cola, with water (minimum 64 oz.) and to eat at home.  No more drive-thru suicide.  I have always heard it takes 21 days to make something a habit, so if I can make those three changes for 21 days straight, then I can add more changes after those 21 days.  Baby steps…

I started by asking my friends to join me in a workweek challenge.  They all came back and really pushed me!  I came in 3rd place but more importantly I hit my 10,000 step goal everyday!  My best day was Monday with 11,782 steps (4.69 miles).  Some days were a real struggle.  But it got easier everyday… and best of all, I wasn’t feeling tired like I was the week before!

Saturday and Sunday did not go as smoothly.  On Saturday, I was feeling pain in my left knee.  When I was in the Army, I had problems with that knee and was eventually medically boarded out (I’m a disabled Veteran).  I have had this problem for 28 years and knew I needed to stay off of it, but sometimes I can be stubborn.  I hit my goal (barely) on Saturday but by Sunday I learned my lesson. I spent most of the day on the couch.

As for my other two goals, I went the whole week only eating at home.  I only drank water and milk.  I did not always hit the 64 oz, but I am not going to beat myself up over it. Giving up Coca-Cola is a big change for me so I will take it!

All in all, the first week went really well!

1) 10,000 steps per day
2) Eat all meals at home
3) Drink water instead of sugary beverages.