A Sweet Red Southern Twang

I am not typically taken in by marketing ploys or brand names, but occasionally I do come across something that is hard to resist which is what happened in Walmart a few days ago.  I enjoy a good red sangria and while searching out a brand recommended to me by my niece, I came across a wine that I had to have!


Southern Twang is a sweet red muscadine wine from the Hinnant Family Vineyards out of Pine Level, North Carolina.  I’m not much of a wine drinker being that I am a rum girl at heart, but I really like this one!  Reds are usually too bitter for my taste but this one has a strong grape taste.  It reminded me of grape juice at first but then the wine flavor kicked in.  And by the second glass, it kicked even harder!  The sweet grape flavor balanced the bitter taste one usually gets from a red wine, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  It was just the right end to my day of binging on Netflix!


50… Not Just Another Number

When it comes to age, numbers have never bothered me.  Like words, numbers only have the power we give them and I have never found a reason to give one number (or birthday) more importance than the next.  I do not understand this fear women have of aging and it has always seemed a bit silly when a mature woman continues to claim “29” as her age long after she is past that point.  Women are not less than once they turn 30.  Instead of holding onto my youth, I choose to embrace all of me and that includes my age!  Twenty-somethings might be surprised to hear this but my 30s and 40s turned out to be a lot of fun and in many ways, even better than my 20s!  So why would I want to deny that?!  I am now a proud 49-year old woman and the only real difference I feel between 29 and 49 is I am wiser and more confident.  There is something very liberating about getting older!  And I’ll take that over the insecurities of youth any day!

So age has never really bothered me… until now.

I will be turning 50 in a few weeks, and I plan on fully embracing this new decade also, but I have to admit this birthday feels different than the previous ones.  Mortality suddenly seems a reality!  If the average lifespan of a woman is 81.6 (in the United States), then I am over half-way there!   Thirty years is really not that long and whatever time I have left, I want to appreciate it, make the most of it, and not take a single day for granted!  More than that, in the past few months, my health has become more of a priority.  I am more aware of changes happening with my body, what each change means… and there are a lot of changes!  Small aches and pains have become constant companions, while memory and focus often abandon me just after I walk into a room to get something.  Are those new bumps and spots on my face the dreaded “age spots”, or are they something more dire?  Time moves faster while I am moving slower.  And where do those hairs on my chin keep coming from?!!  For the first time in my life, getting older feels like I’m getting old! And I am none too pleased about it!

Turning 50 seems for me to be about perspective…  a questioning of what is important and what isn’t.  It is the realization that resources (like time and health) are limited and I need to utilize those resources to my best advantage.  It is about taking nothing and no one for granted, because no one is promised tomorrow.  There is only today.  Live it fully!




Yang With a Southern Twang

What is Yang with a Southern Twang?  It’s me! Or rather my writing pseudonym. The nickname came about back in 2006 when I first started blogging.  I was newly widowed and needed an outlet to keep my sanity.  My best friend, Nadine, was my rock during that period. She helped me set up a MySpace page,and then showed me how to maneuver through this foreign world of social media.  With her help, I was all set to start writing, except I did not have a name for my blog.

I knew I wanted either “Southern” or “Hillbilly” to reflect my roots but beyond that I was clueless.  Everything I came up with (Southern Twang being my favorite) was already being used. Then someone made a comment about Nadine and I being Yin and Yang.  That night I started thinking with all I was going through, her support really was the yin to my yang.  The light in my dark.  Opposite in so many ways, but we understood each other completely.  In such a short time, we had become connected and intertwined in a way that I knew she would be my friend for life.  She was the angel God sent to save me and I wanted to honor that.  So that night I became “Yang with a Southern Twang”, or “Southern Yang” for short. My blog was born.

My days on MySpace are long gone, along with that original blog.  As all my friends migrated to Facebook, I eventually broke down and followed.  I moved all my blog entries to a new blog with a new title, but barely wrote at all.  I still felt that need to pull my jumbled thoughts out of myself, lay them out in print and somehow make sense of them, but I no longer wanted to do so publicly.  Looking back, my writing up to that point was a distraction from my pain.  I wrote about it, but not in a way that healed me.  I wrote to avoid being alone with it.  In my third year of widowhood, I knew it was time to truly face my loss.  I wrote, but I wrote for me.  Occasionally, I would go to my blog and add an entry, with every intention of beginning again, but I never did.  It never felt right.  This time, it does.

So, many years later, here I am. I moved away but despite the miles that now lay between us, Nadine is still my best friend and I am still trying to find my way.  Still getting to know this woman I am becoming.  One thing I do know for sure… life is too damned short and it is meant to be lived and experienced. We each may have our own destiny… if you are like me, you don’t know what that is… but that is no excuse to not participate.  That destiny is not going to come looking for you.  This blog is about finding mine, finding me, and experiencing life along the way.